Welcome to IIANC's Online Registration System!

In addition to registering for our many continuing education courses, conferences and events, IIANC members can also access our Member Directory to search for other agents/agencies as well as updating his/her own personal information. Soon you will also be able to join a Community to discuss topics of interest to you. If you have any questions while navigating through this site, please call 800-849-6556.

IIANC Members and Associate Members
Every IIANC Member and Associate Member has been assigned a unique logon and password. Please select “logon” in the top right corner of this page and enter this information to access the site. Your information will then automatically populate when registering for classes/events.

If you do not know your logon and password, please contact IIANC at 800-849-6556.

**Please note: This is NOT the same logon used to access the IIABA/National websites and programs such as Big I Markets, Virtual University, Trusted Choice, etc. This is your IIANC specific logon.


Everyone, including non-members/junior golfers, must have a logon to access the online registration system. Please contact IIANC at 800-849-6556 to verify your logon information before creating a non-member account.

If you have already verified with IIANC that you do not have an account, please click on “Create Account” at the top or bottom of this page. Once you create an account, it will take until the end of the next business day before it is activated. You will be notified via email when the account is active and provided with your logon and password.

Thank you to the members of our PARTNERS Program whose generous support makes IIANC events and programs for our membership possible. Please click the PARTNERS Program logo to view a complete list of our PARTNERS.